To celebrate the 10th year of CWoT being online, the Decade Side Quest was created. While we never imagined being online for such a long time, it happened, and we have halved that over once again! The original Decade quest dealt with things that happened in and around the site during the first 10 years.

For the sequel, the Decade Quest will still focus on the site as a whole, but instead of having levels created with specific site aspects in mind, each level will deal with "ten" in some way. This can be a code, the actual number, the word, or a symbol. Each level is stand alone and will not depend on the previous or next one to progress further into the quest.

The Decade Quest is an open side quest, as such you don't need any trail progress to access or complete them. However, you should note that because they are inside the Numerics subdomain doesn't mean they are easy. You will have some difficulty with these levels if you haven't made significant progress in the Numerics to learn how the levels are designed.

When you get stuck you can turn to the Member Forum for help, clues and general assistance.

As a reminder, your egg hunt will take place in the URL as normal. However all final answers will be a new sub-directory, unless otherwise told. When you are ready you can go to Level 1. Good luck, and have fun!

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