Another Clever Waste of Time begins now. The Numeric level trail is the first step in a long line of levels that lay before you. The 100 levels here will start you off very easy. You will learn how to play the game as you go along.

In the first few levels, the layout, URL, files and source code will all be explained to you via a hands-on type of learning experience. As you progress, the hand-holding will stop and you will spend the next few levels applying what you have learned as a sort of reinforcement. After the first 20 to 30 levels, you are expected to know the basic level solving techniques.

From there, the levels will get progressively more difficult. When you get stuck you can turn to the Member Forum for help, clues and general assistance.

Good luck, and have fun!

Numerics Main Trail Level 1 - The first main trail of the game

Decade Level 1 - A commemoration side quest celebrating 10 years of CWoT!

Crystal Level 1 - A commemoration side quest celebrating 15 years of CWoT!

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